Comic 38 - A Simple Life - Chapter 3, Page 18

19th Aug 2016, 11:21 PM in Chapter 3
A Simple Life - Chapter 3, Page 18
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Julia KaNeko 19th Aug 2016, 11:21 PM edit delete
Julia KaNeko
Hey, everyone. Got another page up, see? I do apologize for the delay, but a lot a shit is going down and it's seriously stressing me the fuck out and all that lovely SHIT...
...But it's cool! At least I got this done and up for you guys, however, those on my Patreon got to see A Simple Life two pages ahead so they kept themselves occupied and whatnot. It is something to consider. Besides life taking a piss in my cornflakes, the other issue with uploading was that for some reason, when coloring this page, there was SO. MUCH/ BLEEDING. and I had to do a little editing in photoshop. ANOTHER issue is that the color I use to color Tama's fur is running out of ink... Which isn't good. I like coloring with art markers, but it isn't exactly cheap...

So that's one of the reasons why I'm really hoping to get more Patrons on my Patreon soon. The funding would go towards art supplies and other stuff so I can continue producing more work and other things. So please CHECK OUT MY PATREON and see what incentives you get with each pledge, such as... Being able to see NSFW content that will be Patron-Only exclusives!

Anywhozzit, please enjoy this page! Seeya next week!!

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