Comic 36 - Announcements & Updates!! (Please read description)

20th Jul 2016, 1:06 PM in Misc.
Announcements & Updates!! (Please read description)
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Julia KaNeko 20th Jul 2016, 1:06 PM edit delete
Julia KaNeko
Hey all. I'm still working on some things and trying to work on updating the comic on a nice, simple schedule.

Other than thaaaaat... Drumroll, please...!



Yep! Thaaaaat's right! It's taken a lot of work (a typing to the point where I sprained my wrist rather... badly... Probably shouldn't be typing)... But I did it was worth it.

So, please, please, PLEEEEEAAAAAASE... Check out my Patreon and become a Patron. Every bit helps and I truly would appreciate it. The more I make each month, the more I can work on this comic. Besides that, depending on how much you pledge, you get to see EXCLUSIVE content that won't be shown on here, but on Patreon only! For example...

Patrons who pledge at least $5 will get to see A Simple Life TWO PAGES AHEAD and get more sweet treats, such as CAMEO APPEARANCES and much, much, more.


To keep up with the latest updates and junk, "Like" A Simple Life's Facebook fan page!

Seeya next time!
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