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"Like" A Simple Life on Facebook!
by Julia KaNeko

Hey you guys. I'm doing another blog. I apologize for my lateness on the updates, but sometimes things aren't always set in stone. I finally got my first job--YAY!!--but knowing this know can greatly benefit the comic series--heck, I make even upgrade to coloring in those double-ended art markers. *sighs* A girl can dream...

Oh, but moving on, I'd like to say that I have a Facebook page dedicated to the A Simple Life comic series that as of today has 31 "likes." Now, I have a bit of surprise to give out, but will not reveal it until we've reached the mark of 50 "likes."

With that being said, if you like this comic series and wanna know what it is, just tell your friends about the Facebook page -> <- and "like" us, because not will we only be keeping updates, there will also be special cont--OPPS! Can't tell you until we hit 50! laugh

Well, until then, I hope you guys have an awesome rest of the weekend. ^^ Laters!

Slowly, but surely...
by Julia KaNeko

Whew, finally, I got the cover and first page up! I guess I'll have to get use to the whole routine updating and whatnot...

Anyways, hello! I'm doing another blogging on here! I hope that you guys that read this will fully enjoy this comic and what potental it has. I also hope that my readers leave a comment if they can. It'd be nice to see some feedback.


Well, I don't really have a lot to talk about at the moment... So all I can say is that I'll (hopefully) have another update for you this upcoming Sunday. Laters!

A Simple Life under construction!!
by Julia KaNeko

A Simple Life (Under Construction)

Hello all that are reading this! This is the (or will be soon) "A Simple Life" webcomic page!

It's currently going under construction and it'll be a while before it looks more fitting, but that won't stop me from posting up my comic and showing you guys. ^^

I hope that in time that this comic will get your attention and not only entertain you, but get your attention to see the hidden life lessons and such throughout the first season of this series.

Now speaking about the comic, I should let you guys know that I'm doing this all by hand (the sketching, inking, and coloring by hand) so there might not be a nessicary deadline so to speak, but I'll try my best to update once or twice a week. 


Now that that's been said, I hope you guy'll be patient with me while I work on this.  ^^ Thanks for reading!!


OH! I nearly forgot! I also make posts and updates on my Facebook page. "Like" so you can also be updated on this soon-to be posted comic. ^^