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Boise Comic Arts Festival 2018

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Getting Back To The Basics. July 2nd, 2016
by Julia KaNeko 2nd Jul 2016, 5:15 PM
Julia KaNeko

Getting Back To The Basics

July 2nd, 2016

Hello everyone. Julia KaNeko here and I’m doing this blog just to cover some ground on what the hell’s been going on during my long absence. Yeah, I know, it’s been a very long time since I’ve updated on here; by that I mean, it’s been a long time since I’ve worked on the comic in a constant way. When I first decided on making this remake of a comic (because I had done the original just for me and my friends back when I was in high school) I promised myself that I would try and get past book two, because I had so many wonderful ideas, stories, character development and such for the comic series, but… Stuff happened, and that “stuff” was actually “life.” I’ll be honest with you, life is not easy. It’s full of obstacles that can either help you, hinder you, or both. I learned a lot the hard way as soon as I moved out years ago… It’s 2016 now, 24 and… Unfortunately, this year hasn’t been the greatest for me. Heh… As I’m typing this, it just… It feels like the words are getting more and more difficult to type, but I know I gotta keep going. I can’t give up here and now. Which is why I’m really trying to get back to this comic, because I WANT to and so many people want more themselves.I never thought that… When I did this comic, I just did it so I could tell a story and never thought that anyone would look at it or find any interest in it, but people do. At least over 200 people! 200 people on the “A Simple Life” Facebook fan page, and even the small handful of people who subscribe to me on here. I never thought that so many people would like my art or the jumbled story I was telling with this silly characters I made. It… It made me feel really happy. That’s why I want to try and continue to update “A Simple Life.” It’ll be slow, at least for the time being, but once I get a rhythm going, hopefully I can have a scheduled update or something going on. With that being said, here are some things that I plan to try and make happen:

Updating Comic Layout

This will be a little difficult to do, but I’m gonna update the webcomic page design, starting with that banner. It’s looooong overdue for a makeover. I don’t know how to do things, like change buttons or other custom things, but if there is someone who is willing to help me, I would truly be grateful for their assistance immensely. I want the page to have a nice, simplistic look.

Supporting “A Simple Life

This one is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. Conveniently enough, Patreon may be the answers to this. If I have enough people supporting my work on Patreon, well, that would be awesome, but at the same time, I don’t want people getting the wrong idea—that I’m doing this comic for profit. No, no. I love doing “A Simple Life” to tell a story, but having “Patrons” giving their support every month would be awesome, because I am a tradition artist and those funds could go towards more supplies and whatnot. I’ve looked at the site itself and I guess for whatever amount, I give a reward? Like, for a $1, I could be like “Thank you for your support to ‘A Simple Life’! Your name will be featured in the comic as a shout out to your awesomeness”! or something along those lines, yeah? This will be a fun little warm-up exercise for me; thinking about Patreon goals and their rewards.

Commission Work

Besides the comic, I also do commission work as well. I guess people like my work so much, they want me to do some art for them, which I think is pretty neat, because we’ll both be getting something out of it. They get their art piece, and I challenge myself by working with characters I’ve never worked with before. If interested or have any questions about commission work, please, feel free to message me here on ComicFury or email me at JuliaKaNeko92@gmail.com

Man, I really did type out a lot of stuff, huh? Well, it’s kinda been a while and felt like I had to type a lot just so I can cover some ground. Thank you for reading this! Hopefully I can try and do this more.

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If you’re all caught up on the comic, why not follow me on Social Media so you’ll constantly be in the know about stuff?

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When A Simple Life isn’t being worked on, I do Let’s Plays with my husband on YouTube, called “Man and Lady Do a Thing”! Check out our videos so far and subscribe to us, won’t you? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR4efdLeKqZlWSUkFWC5wIg


Thanks for reading!!

Get it over with!
by Julia KaNeko 23rd May 2013, 2:09 PM
Julia KaNeko

Posting a blog on here about what's going to be happening with Book 2. I honestly want it done and over with so I can get working on Book 3. Why the rush? Well, Books one and two will be redone in the future(maybe) since I've taken on a new drawing style.

Here is how it's gonna go down. Book 2 will be posted in it's black & white inked form and pages will be updated whenever I see the time, however with Book 3 and above, there will be a set schedule.

Second, if I do see the time of redoing Book 1 and 2, I'll repost it up on here. :P No promises, though.

Hmm... What else? Um... Well, I guess it a nutshell, I just want to get this book done and over with. Sounds confusing but my brain and body conflict with eachother A LOT.

"I need to get back to updating the series!" -brain

"Naaaaaaah, we gots plenty of time. Why the rush? Besides, you just got off work! Lay back and relax." -body

"...Dammit, I hate you SO fuckin' much. You KNOW I wanna draw!" -brain

"Yeah, but then this happened. I get final say, so suck it." -body

"...Alright. We'll see about that..."

"...We'll see..." -brain


...See what I gotta deal with?! >_< So! in the end, the brain won this round and it's gonna seize the moment and keep drawing!


Gonna continue updating the fuck outta this and get closer to Book 3. I apologize for the long wait, but if you want more info, I do have the FaceBook fanpage. And Twitter!

Twitter (follow me!) https://twitter.com/Lady_KaNeko

Facebook (like me!) https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Simple-Life/140032319412616

by Julia KaNeko 10th Oct 2012, 9:48 PM
Julia KaNeko

We're back to updating!!! Whoo!!! Did you miss me? Huh? I bet you did... 

(Tama) Well, you DO have a life, I mean, geez... Like, you moved from north to south, not to mention from east to west on a month-long vacation and to top it all off, you got a driver's permit, a job and a second seasonal job! Bonus is getting the new smartphone. That's what really saved us.

I-I know! Still, trying to get use to having to work this thing.

(Tama) If you wanted something simple and dumbed down, shoulda gotten an iPhone.

...Wow. *tries not to laugh* U-Um, anyways, thanks to this new phone of mine, I downloaded a scanner app. It's proving to be quite useful so far. There shall be more updates to come, so I hope you're ready for it!

(Tama) Don't worry, after such a long wait, I'm still as cute and sexy as ever--even more so! My boobs grew SOOOOO big--

ANYWAYS!!! ...There will be more updates soon.

Promoting "A Simple Life" and Changes
by Julia KaNeko 1st Jun 2012, 3:57 PM
Julia KaNeko

Hello all! I just thought I take a moment and write a note or maybe notes until I get things settled in my end. I just recently moved in with my fiance` so... Yeah. He has all the things I need for me to thankfully continue updating the series. BUT, he needs the cables in order for them to work. Lazy wolf needs to help me out and find it for moi. There's also the matter of me redownloading the Paint.NET program I always use, but he has Photoshop on this laptop of his so I may tinker with that for a bit. Anyways, lemme get to the point of the title.


Now, I was having a bit of a chat with my fiance`'s parents and they were thinking that I should promote the comic a bit more and even make some profit off of it since I'm putting a lot of work and dedication into this series. And they kinda make a point in a way seeing as how art supplies aren't that cheap. Especially since I'm considering going for color pencil to duo-ended... duel-ended... doubled-ended...? Those PrismaCOLOR art markers with the nubs on each end! XP

ANYWAYS, I'm going to be selling some items in order to make a bit of profit. Now not only will be selling these online, but I'll also be selling them at conventions as well! (that being said, when I start doing conventions, I'll inform you guys what convention it'll be, what state, what time and where I'll be located! M'kay?) The items I'll b selling won't be all fancy like bod pillows or cosplay outfits, but simple things that'll be special in it's own way...

  • A Simple Life T-shirts
  • A Simple Life 2013 calenders
  • A Simple Life bookmarks
  • (and maybe hopefully) A Simple Life D'Light special comic


And having said that, I want some feedback on what items you'd be willing to get given the opportunity, so please, don't be shy!

As for changes in the comic series, as I stated earlier, I am considering switching to marker. Bristol paper and marker. It'll make the comic a bit thicker, but I dunno how much, if not at all, PrismaCOLOR markers bleed. However, I think it'll give the comic a nicer look, don't you think? I'm not sure myslf, because I never drew in marker before, (unless you count elementary school) but it's nice to have a challenge. What beats a failure? An effort.

Well, I think that's all I have to say--OH! Wait, wait, wait. I have a bit of a month-long vacation coming in June that'll end in July, so if I get my scanner (if my fiance` is reading this, find those plugs I need for this complcted-lookin' machine) working, then I can do a few updates before we leave for my trip out west! Uber-yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!

So, that's it! Don't forget to tell your friends about this page, share and "like" it (because I know you love it. Wanna give it a huggy squeeze?) and remember...

A simple life isn't always so simple...



My fiancé got the cables for the scanner--hopefully it'll work! :P

Originally written Tuesday, May 29th, 2012 via Facebook

100 "likes" or bust!
by Julia KaNeko 12th Feb 2012, 12:37 AM
Julia KaNeko

Man, it's been a while since I last blogged on here...


Anyways, hello there! Julia KaNeko here.


Now, if some of you may or may not know, I have a Facebook fan-page http://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Simple-Life/140032319412616 where I post updates, D'lights and other things. That being in mind, as you can see the page has currently 57 "likes." And that was just from Book 1 and a long hiatus! Now if we were to get over 100 "likes," I got a special treat for my subscribers.


I won't tell you what it is exactly, but let's just say it'll be something that get to guys to keep on reading the series as it goes on. wink


Don't forget to subscribe, "like," and tell your friends!


And remember...


A simple life isn't always so simple...


KaNeko, out!